EU-Japan Agreement: 2019 ushers in the world’s largest trade deal ever made

Written by Ngaio Olsen-Stahl Following the Second World War, both Japan and the European continent saw incredible success in rebuilding their societies. Japan notoriously fostered an economic miracle and shot up to second place of the world’s largest economies just… Continue Reading →

Transition to a green economy. The role of international cooperation for the renewable energy sector in developing countries: the approach of EU and Japan

Energy gives life to economic and social development: it lies at the basis of household activities, food production, transportation, health, education and security. In recent years, many global summits have been working to raise awareness on the negative consequences of global warming, focusing on the reduction of CO2 emissions. Indeed, it seems that the most rapid way to reduce… Continue Reading →

The Disputed Archipelagos: Falklands and Senkaku-Diaoyu

By Pier Alexandre Lemaire (translated by Jacob Leon). Originally published on 2013/04/07 The “Islanders” of the Falklands were called to a referendum on the 10th and 11th of March, centering on the archipelago’s continued association with the United Kingdom. The vote yielded unsurprising results,… Continue Reading →

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