Treaty of Aachen 2019: France and Germany renew vows in hope for a stronger EU

Written by Yasmine Idrissi In the midst of Brexit, populism gaining ground, and a rising tide of skepticism towards multilateralism, the liberal values of the European bloc are undoubtedly under threat. In an attempt to amend and renew their commitment to… Continue Reading →

Lowering the Minimum Age for Voting: Good or Bad Idea?

In this term Spain’s Parliament refused to give to those who are under 18 the right to vote. Concretely, this proposition, which was redacted by Esquerra Republicana (left wing of the Catalonian independents), was rejected by the votes of Popular Party (PP)… Continue Reading →

From ‘Centuries-Old Rivalry’ To Friendship: The Role of The Élysée Treaty in The Franco-German Cooperation

On January 22th 1963, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and French President Charles de Gaulle sealed the symbolic beginning of the Franco-German friendship as they signed the Élysée Treaty in Paris. That brief document of just under six pages, seen as… Continue Reading →

Young generation = pro-Europe, Old generation=anti-Europe?

It might be the opposite! The result of the Brexit referendum made it crystal clear: Whilst the majority of young people voted for Britain to remain in the EU, the majority of older people decided to withdrawal. Many young Brits… Continue Reading →


After three years of brutal civil war and more than thirty under a dictatorship, Spain opened the doors of freedom in 1978. The Spanish Constitution voted the 6th December 1978 meant the commitment of Spaniards to a future built upon… Continue Reading →

Schengen Area: The interaction of veto-players and the new member states

By Simona Torotcoi, Public Policy student at the Central European University and writer for the European Student Think Tank “new [EU] members will not be allowed to lift their internal Schengen borders for many years, they will be required to reinforce their… Continue Reading →

Migration, refugees and the so-called European identity

By Diana Guth, master’s student Human Rights and International Politics at the University of Glasgow and writer for the European Student Think Tank.  During the past year, the subject of migrants and refugees has constantly been in the spotlight. First… Continue Reading →

To be or not to be the leader

by Andreea Apostol. Originally published on 2014/07/01 Around 1999, the label once given to the former Ottoman Empire as the “sick man of Europe”, framed the way Germany was perceived among its observers, partners, and peers. Yet, considering recent times… Continue Reading →

Four more years: Why Merkel’s third chancellorship is bad news for Germany

by Amandine Charley. Originally published on 2013/10/19 Germany’s parliamentary elections have resulted in a major electoral victory of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), confirming Merkel in office for a third consecutive term with a share of almost 42% of… Continue Reading →

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