After three years of brutal civil war and more than thirty under a dictatorship, Spain opened the doors of freedom in 1978. The Spanish Constitution voted the 6th December 1978 meant the commitment of Spaniards to a future built upon… Continue Reading →

Democracy in the Baltic States: Achievements and Unused Opportunities

Algimants Kontauts, EST Ambassador to Latvia, graduated from the University of Latvia in International Economic Relations.  After living, studying, working and doing business in more than 30 countries, he is currently enrolled in the European Studies Master Program at the… Continue Reading →

Artistic Potential & Permissibility: On the Question of Instrumentality and Morality of Art

By Sabrina Valeria Ronco, student of International Studies at Leiden University and writer for the European Student Think Tank.  What is the relationship between art and morality? Can art be a means of presenting and propagating certain moral views? And… Continue Reading →

The Roma – a different story

By Suad Skenderi, executive director and author of the academic medium Romalitico Roma: a widely dispersed group of people living in most of the countries of Europe. Infamous to the majority, forgotten by institutions, and neglected in decision-making processes (Marushiakova and… Continue Reading →

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