Why Finland Must Remain European

Erik Immonen is the EST Ambassador to Finland. Erik is studying World Politics at the University of Helsinki, and he is serving as a board member at the Social Democratic Students’ Association of Helsinki. You can contact him at finland.est@gmail.com…. Continue Reading →

Youth employment conditions in the Nordic countries – an example to the rest of Europe?

by Edgaras Mascinskas. Originally published on 2013/12/26 Since the financial crisis of 2008, youth unemployment has increased dramatically across Europe. While only few states experienced minor changes, others, in particular Spain and Greece, have witnessed one of the highest surges… Continue Reading →

The nothern bloc is less solid than it seems

by Foivos Karzis. Originally published on 2013/06/04  The undoing of Greek bondholders and Cypriot depositors saw the emergence of a new factor at the European negotiating tables: a consistent northern bloc of countries aligned with German views on the need… Continue Reading →

EMU Dilemma: Fix It or “Fixit”?

By Henri Erti. Originally published on 2012/09/20 The proposed solution for the EU financial crisis is being contemplated at the nexus of the European continent, but the bulwark is beginning to crack under the pressure deriving from the peripheries of… Continue Reading →

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