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UK General Elections 2015 – What’s in it for the Youth?

by Edita Jat­ulyte, our ambassador for the United Kingdom. The 2015 general elections in the United Kingdom to be held on 7 May are shaping to be the most uncertain elections in a generation. Long gone are the days when… Continue Reading →

Pre-EU Summit Insights: Juncker to triumph over Cameron?

Originally published on 2014/06/25 EPC’s leading European politics expert Janis A. Emmanouilidis gives Lénaïc Vaudin d’Imécourt an exclusive pre-summit analysis of the EU leaders’ meeting taking place on 26 and 27 June. Topics on the agenda include: – Nominating the… Continue Reading →

The Brixit Folly – Untangling David Cameron’s Eurosceptic knot

by Jonas Brynhildsen. Originally published on 2013/12/22 It can hardly have come as a major surprise to anyone with a vested interest in European or British politics when the Tory Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced his proposal for a referendum… Continue Reading →

Debate: Britain and the EU – Is the UK leading the way or running away?

Originally published on 2013/07/18 Watch the debate with Graham Watson MEP (ALDE Group Leader) and Martin Callanan MEP(ECR Group Leader), moderated by Peter O’Donnell. The UK became a member of the Single Market 40 years ago but David Cameron has planned to hold a referendum on… Continue Reading →

Cameron’s bold move

By Quint Hoekstra. Originally published on 2013/01/31 Last Wednesday, the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron held his long awaited EU speech. He set forth vision of a union focused on and limited to the common market only. That means no political… Continue Reading →

Discussion Forum 3: David Cameron’s speech

Originally published on 2013/01/25 It was a long-awaited speech. Here in the Netherlands, people have been waiting impatiently for David Cameron’s arrival to The Hague and finally sighed because it was cancelled due to heavy snow. If only the speech… Continue Reading →

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