How the non-elected government of experts changed Austria’s political standpoints (forever)

Written by Elodie Arpa My home country Austria is not known for turbulence nor does its people like political agitation. If one had to describe the Republic of Austria, one would focus on its mountainous landscape, different dialects and collective… Continue Reading →

Human Trafficking: A Global Issue

Written by Tekla Scharwaschidze (EST Ambassador for Austria) Human trafficking is a massive violation of fundamental human rights and it has been well documented that no country is fully immune from it (UNODC, 2006. “Virtually no country immune from human trafficking, UNODC… Continue Reading →

Visit to the European Commission Representation to Austria

Passionate about the EU and interested in the work of the European Commission in the Member States? Then join the European Student Think Tank’s visit to the European Commission Representation in Austria.

Presidential Elections In Austria: A Turning Point After Brexit And Trump?

Among all the political earthquakes that shook the world in 2016, the Austrian presidential elections stand out from such events. This is definitely neither due to the country’s impact on global affairs nor to the powers associated to the position… Continue Reading →

Austrian Presidential Elections: a Never-Ending Story?

  “The second ballot, which will decide who will be the next Austrian Head of State, will take place on 22 May. Come what may, the FPÖ and Hofer sent a clear message” (Marenco, 2016). On 24 April, presidential elections… Continue Reading →


  In Roman mythology, Janus was the god of gates and doors, or more abstractly, of all beginnings. He is mostly portrayed as two-faced, a characteristic apt for his supervision of who might enter or exit. When in 2015, large… Continue Reading →

A Game of European Domino: Can we expect an Öxit next?

Dominik Draxler  obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Vienna in 2015. His thesis dealt with the question whether Germany could be considered a potential hegemon in Europe in light of the Eurozone crisis, and the… Continue Reading →

The nothern bloc is less solid than it seems

by Foivos Karzis. Originally published on 2013/06/04  The undoing of Greek bondholders and Cypriot depositors saw the emergence of a new factor at the European negotiating tables: a consistent northern bloc of countries aligned with German views on the need… Continue Reading →

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