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Champagne, Chauffeurs, and Monet: The Problem of Art as Just Another Luxury

The world of the wealthy is easy to picture. It’s one of glamor and indulgence; one of beautiful people surrounded by beautiful things. It’s a world envied by many but enjoyed by few. In addition to the Rolexes, jewels, and… Continue Reading →

What Do You Think About Art? – A report on young Europeans’ perception of their cultural environment

Culture represents one of the most powerful resources Europe can make use of. Think about how Intercultural dialogue can help to bring individuals closer together or how cultural cooperation can foster processes of democratisation and also about its strong economic… Continue Reading →

The Scream of the Past and The Starry Night of the Future

ART. Three letters, one word, and no universal meaning. This seemingly simply word can itself already cause you to either get really excited or roll your eyes. But ‘art’ is so much more than just paintings or drawings, it can… Continue Reading →

Mind the GAP – The Gender Action Plan as a milestone for Climate Justice

2017’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP23) was a milestone for feminist policies: the first Gender Action Plan in COP’s history was adopted on 14th November in Bonn, Germany. Two months before the conference, the Chief Negotiator for the COP23… Continue Reading →

Will China rule the world by 2049?

The 19th Communist Party Congress, which took place on 24th October 2017, highlighted the power and ambition of its leader, Xi Jinping, who has remained in power – at least – for another term. His ambitious vision for growth, national… Continue Reading →

Visegrád perspectives: Fuss about refugees in the Czech Republic

In this new series of articles, EST ambassadors of Visegrád countries will focus a certain issue in their country. This article concentrates on refugees in the Czech Republic and will focus on two different aspects: the political one and media… Continue Reading →

Middle East’s challenges for the EU in terms of the war and terrorism: the cases of Syria and Iraq

During the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee for Palestine at the United Nations (UN), Federica Mogherini – the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy – declared that ‘the international community does not and cannot give up… Continue Reading →

Brexit: what about the environment?

The whole Brexit negotiations have been bringing to the table doubts regarding almost every aspect of post Britain’s exit of Europe – not only in political terms, but also economical and environmental. In environmental terms, Out of an ecological perspective,… Continue Reading →

Transition to a green economy. The role of international cooperation for the renewable energy sector in developing countries: the approach of EU and Japan

Energy gives life to economic and social development: it lies at the basis of household activities, food production, transportation, health, education and security. In recent years, many global summits have been working to raise awareness on the negative consequences of global warming, focusing on the reduction of CO2 emissions. Indeed, it seems that the most rapid way to reduce… Continue Reading →

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