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How to leave the EU without making a mess of it (and why it’s still not worth it)

Written by Juuso Järviniemi Disclaimer: This article has already been published with The New Federalist. You can find the article here. As Brexit is destroying the UK’s economy, national unity and international reputation, many have correctly pointed out that observing… Continue Reading →

The Impact of Public Health Policy

Written by Aparajeya Shanker Public Health Policy is a wide-ranging aspect of public health that guides the government’s action plan on population health. To simplify what is essentially a vast and complex subject, it is the sum of all legislative… Continue Reading →

Meritocracy as Principle of Justice

Written by Mehmet Sadik Bektas Abstract One of the American philosophers, John Rawls presents an understanding of justice through a liberal viewpoint. Principally, his practical method of truth and thesis, the veil of ignorance, allows fairness to become one of… Continue Reading →

It wasn’t Us, it was the EU!

Written by Elodie Arpa, Ambassador to Austria “The European Union is the perfect scapegoat”. National politicians travel to Brussels to vote on legislative proposals of the European Commission. They debate these proposals and modify them. To enact a law, a… Continue Reading →

The Unwanted Truth: The role of history and international relations as antidotes to a false migration rhetoric

Written by Riccardo Vinci No matter the newspaper one is reading, no matter the news broadcast one might be watching on TV, the topic of immigration is likely to be found. At first glance, immigration may be deemed a relatively recent… Continue Reading →

25 Years of Eurasian Integration: Success or failure? (Part I)

Written by Dmitry Erokhin On March 29th 1994, in the walls of Moscow State University, the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, created the idea of a new association: the Eurasian Union (“Lecture by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at Moscow… Continue Reading →

The Role of Non-State Actors in EU Cybersecurity Policy : Towards a Cyber-Resilient Europe (Part 2)

Written by Adriana Mara Click here to read Part 1 Introduction As established in the first part of this article cybersecurity constitutes a particular challenge for the EU due to the unique structure of threats and responsibilities. Indeed, as cybersecurity… Continue Reading →

The Role of Non-State Actors in EU Cybersecurity Policy: Towards a Cyber-Resilient Europe (Part 1)

Written by Adriana Mara Prior to the end of the Cold War era, security and defense strategies of European countries were formulated on the assumption that adversaries consisted solely in the form of a state or of an alliance of… Continue Reading →

February: Brussels Briefing

Written by Giacomo Migliore In this issue we  will explore the decisions made by two EU institution – the European Commission in the competition field and the European Parliament on the rule of law. You will also catch a glimpse of… Continue Reading →

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