Spexit, or Spanish nationalists finally coming out of the Eurosceptic Closest

Written by Julia Fernández Arribas (Ambassador of Spain) On December 19th, 2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that Oriol Junqueras, a Catalan leader who has spent the last two years in provisional detention, had the right to immunity the… Continue Reading →

Modern slavery : Prisoners of time

Written by Xhoana Shegani (EST Ambassador to Albania) Although slavery, in its historical sense, is globally outlawed, human trafficking remains an international issue and it appears in all its forms: sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, forced marriage, forced criminality, child soldiers,… Continue Reading →

Human Rights: Is the Rights of Asylum Respected in Europe?

Written by Pierfrancesco Maria Lanza (EST Ambassador to Italy, Reggio Calabria) After the many wars and massacres of innocents that have ravaged Europe in the centuries since its formation, that have shown the horrific potential of human behaviour, in particular after… Continue Reading →

A Blueprint for Paradise? Historical approaches to the post-war Human Rights regime

Written by Egil Sturk (EST Ambassador of Sweden) “You are destined for a Great Monday!   Fine! But Sunday will never end.” (Kafka, Diaries: 1910-1923) The long-awaited triumph versus the burden of history: the first sentence of Kafka’s aphorism captures the utopian… Continue Reading →

The state of human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Written by Enna Zone Đonlić (EST Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina) From the adoption of the United Nations (UN) Charter, the Declaration of Universal Human Rights and the European Convention of Human Rights, human rights are known to most of the… Continue Reading →

Human Trafficking: A Global Issue

Written by Tekla Scharwaschidze (EST Ambassador for Austria) Human trafficking is a massive violation of fundamental human rights and it has been well documented that no country is fully immune from it (UNODC, 2006. “Virtually no country immune from human trafficking, UNODC… Continue Reading →

Humans for Sale: The Features of Modern Slavery in the EU

Victims are swayed by the false prospect of endless opportunities in the EU. Source: Laszlo Balogh/Reuters Photo Written by Nathaly de Camargo Franzoni The International Labour Organization reports that organised crime groups (OCGs) in Europe amass approximately $50 billion annually (€45… Continue Reading →

Can Europe Defend Itself?

Written by Elodie Arpa, EST Ambassador to Austria The United States have left the INF-treaty and let the arms race of the cold war repeat itself. In the Middle East surrogate conflicts cause starvation, destruction and millions of deaths. The… Continue Reading →

Debating Europe: What can the EU do for its youth?

Aurélien, current President of the European Student Think Tank, attended a debate organized by one of our partners Debating Europe in the European Parliament. You can read more about the debate here and watch the full debate video below:

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