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The enlargement process as a security guarantee for the Balkan region and a “geopolitical” European Union

Written by the Angelica Puntel (Working Group on Security and Defence) FACT: On March 25th, the Council of the European Union agreed to open accession negotiations with the Republic of Albania and the Republic of North Macedonia.[1] More recently, on… Continue Reading →

The new European Commission and its challenges: building a better European Union

Written by Pierfrancesco Maria Lanza (EST Ambassador to Italy, Reggio Calabria) “A Union that strives for more”, is the goal for a renewed European Union (EU) which the new President of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, wants to… Continue Reading →

The EU in Danger? What the German Constitutional Court’s Weiss Ruling Might Mean for Europe

Written by Daniel Mooney Earlier this month, the German Constitutional Court, the Bundesverfassungsgericht (BVerfG), delivered a judgment pertaining to the Public Sector Asset Purchase Programme (PSPP) initiated by the European Central Bank in the wake of the global economic depression.[1]… Continue Reading →

Europe’s Security At Risk: The Case for A Common EU Defence Policy

Written by Adrian Kokk The institutions of the European Union face a difficult task in guaranteeing the financing for the Union’s defence fund, as the raging economic pressure caused by COVID-19 demands the reallocation of monetary resources to more urgent… Continue Reading →

The European Union and the European Space Agency: a partnership in the making

Written by Giulia Gallinella The EU has shown interest in furthering its space competencies since the ratification of the Treaty of Rome. In the 1960s, nonetheless, space-related activities fell exclusively under the competences of national governments (Mazurelle, 2009). The establishment… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus quarantine to the environmental rescue

Written by Nicholas Argyros the EST Ambassador to Greece The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic started this decade in the most peculiar way possible and it is already one of the millennial highlights. The outcome of this medical war cannot be predicted… Continue Reading →

Back to the Future: Does the EU need to boost Prospective Analysis?

Written by Arturo Marqués “It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see” Winston Churchill [1] One of the great defects of democracy is short-termism. In the frenetic daily life of European policymakers,… Continue Reading →

#Poivorrei – COVID, Schengen and my wishes for the Future (and Present) of Europe

Written by Avilia Zavarella In the last few days, a new phrase appeared on Italian social media pages: “poi vorrei” – “after, I would like…”  It is a phrase of hope, hinting at the post-COVID emergency, which opens up a world… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus and the dark side of staying home

Written by Meletis Rentoumis The pandemic crisis we are all facing globally because of the coronavirus disease, has changed a lot the aspect of our life, the perspectives, and everything that has to do with preparedness and planning which seems… Continue Reading →

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