Call for Passionate Working Group Members!

Do you have a passion for heritage and the arts? Are you tired of the rigid and elitist paradigm of ‘European’ art that neglects the current diverse spectrum of the arts and artists? Do you want to be involved in a project that seeks to challenge the dominant narrative about what European art is? Then you are in luck because EUrArt is currently looking for new members! EUrArt is a working group seeking to transcend national boundaries with art in order to make European art more inclusive and representative.

Given the current superdiverse background of Europe, its art needs to both acknowledge and represent the diversity of artists regarding their different origins, genders, religions and lifestyles. Therefore, instead of looking at the arts from elitist national framework, this working group extends the paradigm of European art to all sections of society. Only by including overlooked artists can the true universality of art and its ability to bridge societies be acknowledged.

You can download the working group proposal here.


Open positions

Depending on your personal background, experience and interests, tasks can range from academic to practical. Current available positions include:

  • Researcher in the field of art history to create a holistic picture of European art throughout the course of history that transcends the current elitist canon. While taking a critical approach, tasks include the publication of research papers and contributions to the final report.
  • Local networker, who regularly visits different events to get in touch with upcoming artists and as such establishes a large network. In addition to organising local events such as exhibitions, this position also entails qualitative research and the documentation of  findings in the form of written reports.
  • Social media correspondence responsible for the virtual representation of EUrArt, which includes but is not limited to the promotion of projects and regular progress posts.
  • Videographer tasked with the shooting and editing of video portraits and combining them into a coherent documentary.
  • Funding coordinator for the working group as a whole and sub-projects in specific. This position comprises the establishment and maintenance of close relations with funding partners for upcoming projects.
What’s in it for you?

Being a member of EUrArt results in several advantages for you.

  • Practical work experience in an international (European) environment.
  • You will meet and network with different talented and promising students and professionals from the EST and the art industry.
  • You will contribute to a visionary project about inclusion and diversity in the arts world.
  • Adding the project to your CV, you will be able to demonstrate that you have contributed to a multi-faceted project, the results of which will even be proposed to European institutions
  • Although specific tasks differ per position, all members of the working group are required to be available for at least 1-2 Skype meetings per month.
  • It is of utmost importance that applicants are committed to the project for which they ought to work autonomously and in a team towards a common goal (approximately 5-8 hours per week).
  • Positions are open for applications by students as well as young professionals from across Europe and beyond.
  • Although an educational background related to (art) history, museum studies, heritage studies or cultural studies is advantageous, we encourage individuals of all backgrounds to apply as long as they possess enthusiasm and a personal drive to become part of EUrArt.
Application procedure

In order to apply for one of the aforementioned positions, please hand in the following documents:

  • An updated CV listing all relevant experiences
  • A one-page letter of motivation stating the position you are applying for, the reasons why you would like to join EUrArt and explaining which characteristics and/or experiences make you the ideal candidate
  • Optional: Sample of your work


DEADLINE: February 28th, 2018

Please send your application to Cindy Langer, Editor in Chief of the EST and founder of EUrArt at