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Battleground: Europe

In the last few years, tensions between the East and West has been on the rise. One might think that the Cold War would be a thing of the past, yet terrifyingly, current situations show that this struggle of power… Continue Reading →

Shale Gas Revolution: Can Europe replicate the American success story?

by Elpida Theodoridou. Originally published on 2013/11/18 The boom of shale gas in the United States has created a great discussion over the past few years. The drop in gas prices combined with the increased domestic gas production, brought the… Continue Reading →

UK and France must take the wheel on Africa’s Security

By Mathieu Paul Dumont. Originally published on 2013/03/17 With the US moving military resources to the Asia-Pacific region, what organization will maintain the  stability and security in North and North Central Africa? The US has been downgrading its participation in… Continue Reading →

From Concussions to Chronic Headaches: What an Islamist-controlled North Africa means for the United States and the West

By Alex Moon. Originally published on 2013/02/02 As outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the 23rd of January, the country is reminded of a sobering truth: the chaos in North Africa spells bad… Continue Reading →

2nd Discussion Forum: Europe, Obama, and the Pacific

Originally published on 2012/11/23 On November 6, 2012, Barack Obama was re-elected, extending the duration of his mandate as President of the USA by four more years. Let us assess one of the effects of this re-election on the European Union… Continue Reading →

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