Vitamin D Deficiency in Greece and Ukraine

Addressing contemporary health issues in the frame of the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries Written by Christos Tsagkaris and Anastasiia Hoian In order to create effective strategies of solving global healthcare problems, medical researchers and practitioners from different countries have… Continue Reading →

Warsaw NATO Summit: Polish perspective

By Kinga Jaromin, Polish Ambassador to the EST. NATO Summit, held on the 8-9 of July in Warsaw was an event of great importance not only for the alliance itself, but also for countries from the so called Eastern Flank,… Continue Reading →

We need to talk about the EU and Ukraine: a little less conversation

by Rodrigo Vaz. Originally published on 2014/11/02 November 2013: Young Ukrainians went out to the streets after President Viktor Yanukovytch backed off from the EU Association Agreement and returned to the old Moscow route. Europe’s reaction: ‘please come back. This is… Continue Reading →

The Ukrainian Puzzle

by Luis Vilacha Fernandez. Originally published on 2014/05/07 After the referendum regarding Crimea’s status and its movement towards the Russian Federation, there are currently several regions with a large majority of Pro-Russian population that might follow the same path. Will… Continue Reading →

The Ukraine crisis and European energy security

by Mieke Molthof. Originally published on 2014/04/07 Russia’s annexation of Crimea has instigated a vigorous debate in the EU the best way to reduce Europe’s reliance on Russian gas. Russia’s actions in Ukraine have raised fear for disruptions in gas… Continue Reading →

EU Post-Summit Takeaways – A Summit to be remembered?

by Janis A. Emmanouilidis. Originally published on 2014/03/25 The European Policy Centre’s (EPC) leading EU politics expert Janis A. Emmanouilidis gives Lénaïc Vaudin d’Imécourt an exclusive post-summit analysis, following the 20-21 March 2014 European Summit. As predicted, the Ukraine crisis… Continue Reading →

Pre-EU Summit Insights: What’s on the table? – Ukraine to steal the spotlight

by Janis A. Emmanouilidis. Originally published on 2014/03/21 EPC’s leading European politics expert Janis A. Emmanouilidis gives Lénaïc Vaudin d’Imécourt an exclusive pre-summit analysis of the EU leaders’ meeting, taking place on March 20 and 21. Topics on the agenda… Continue Reading →

What can the EU do?

by Jason Deegan. Originally published on 2014/02/14 Recently in the news there has been a lot of discussions about the Geneva II talks by the UN to bring an end to the horrendous Syrian Civil war. It which has claimed… Continue Reading →

Kiev Struggles to Embark on a Path to a Different Future

by Chiara Romano Bosch. Originally published on 2014/01/09 Nine years after the Orange Revolution, Ukrainians have taken to the streets of Kiev to protest against the government’s refusal to sign what would have been the starting point for a future… Continue Reading →

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