We need to talk about the EU and Ukraine: a little less conversation

by Rodrigo Vaz. Originally published on 2014/11/02 November 2013: Young Ukrainians went out to the streets after President Viktor Yanukovytch backed off from the EU Association Agreement and returned to the old Moscow route. Europe’s reaction: ‘please come back. This is… Continue Reading →

Scotland’s 2014 Referendum: Possible Implications for the UK’s domestic production in the North Sea?

by Elpida Theodoridou. Originally published on 2014/05/14 In September 2014 a referendum is anticipated to take place in Scotland that will decide whether Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom as it is or will become an independent country… Continue Reading →

Catalonia and the EU in the face of the regionalist trend

by Amandine Charley. Originally published on 2013/10/11 As every year, on September 11, many Catalans celebrated La Diada, the national day in Catalonia, commemorating the siege of Barcelona against the Bourbons in 1714, which dramatically reduced Catalonia’s autonomy. This year… Continue Reading →

Secessionism in Times of Crisis: The Case of Spain

By Lorenzo G-A Llamas. Originally published on 2012/12/03 On September 11th 2012, Catalonia, as happens every year, took to the streets to celebrate its day – la Diada. Without warning, without preview and in one instant, Spain witnessed how a traditional celebration… Continue Reading →

Will Scotland break away from the Union with England in 2014?

Originally published on 2012/10/25 Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party, and First Minister of Scotland has often promised that Scots would get the chance to vote for an independent Scotland outside the Union with England. Some claim that… Continue Reading →

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