EU Army – Pipe Dream

Written by Bruno Castro, EST Ambassador to Portugal In the last few weeks, the creation of a European Army was back on the international agenda. After Macron, it was Merkel´s turn to publicly endorse the French President´s idea. However, either… Continue Reading →

European Army

Written by Roger Chamma It is true that the army as a concept is a timeless mechanism of defense, Its function and value is of particular concern to sociologists and political scientists. From city-states to empires and the formation of… Continue Reading →

A Major Step Forward in European Defence Integration

    This article is a part of research activities of the EU Foreign Policy Research Group Due to Europe’s deteriorating security situation, there is a pressing need to do more in terms of cooperation and coordination among the EU… Continue Reading →

Sparring Partners: Turkey in Europe – Challenges to Democracy and Security?

By Alexis Chalopin, Student in European Studies (Sciences Po & London School of Economics).     ‘The European Union needs Turkey more than Turkey needs the European Union’ – Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey   Backpedaling on the road to… Continue Reading →

Warsaw NATO Summit: Polish perspective

By Kinga Jaromin, Polish Ambassador to the EST. NATO Summit, held on the 8-9 of July in Warsaw was an event of great importance not only for the alliance itself, but also for countries from the so called Eastern Flank,… Continue Reading →

Free Trade Agreements – A brief history

By Sebastian Keil. Sebastian will begin a program in International Studies at the University of Leiden in September. Free trade is a term that appeals to the human mind because it creates the image of a flourishing economy. (1) Trade… Continue Reading →

NATO and the EU – Rivalry or Friendship?

Originally published on 2014/02/17 Security challenges are becoming increasingly complex and interdependent, requiring collective efforts and a comprehensive approach from western powers. Both the NATO and the EU acknowledge the importance of collective action and have attempted to work more… Continue Reading →

Will the Lithuanian foreign policy change after the parliamentary elections?

By Edvardas Pocius. Originally published on 2012/09/30 A bit more than three weeks left until the parliamentary elections in Lithuania (28 October). 17 political parties and a four-party coalition will compete to form future government. Lithuania once again gets a… Continue Reading →

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