The Reversal of Democracy’s Third Wave

Written by Carlota Nunez Strutt A spectre is haunting Europe. The spectre of fascism. For a generation of babies born after the fall of the Berlin Wall, our collective consciousness associates 1989 more closely with the name of an album by… Continue Reading →

From ‘Centuries-Old Rivalry’ To Friendship: The Role of The Élysée Treaty in The Franco-German Cooperation

On January 22th 1963, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and French President Charles de Gaulle sealed the symbolic beginning of the Franco-German friendship as they signed the Élysée Treaty in Paris. That brief document of just under six pages, seen as… Continue Reading →

Euroscepticism taking over Europe. Will Poland spearhead it?

By Kinga Jaromin, Master student of Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw and Ambassador to Poland for the European Student Think Tank. Soon after the new Polish government started its term in the office, Polish and international news reported that… Continue Reading →

Reactions to the Paris attacks: A Tale of Nationalism and Hypocrisy

Elisa Schramm is a student of International Relations (Research) at the London School of Economics and Political Science and hold a bachelor’s degree from Sciences Po Paris.  As early as the evacuation of the stadium, the spectators of the Franco-German friendly… Continue Reading →

“Golden Dawn” for a far-right coalition?

by Yana Prokofyeva. Originally published on 2014/01/06 On 18th November representatives of several European nationalist parties – the French National Front (FN, Front National), Italian Northern League (Lega Nord), Belgian Flemish interest (VB, Vlaams Belang), Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV,… Continue Reading →

‘Tode dem Faschismus’: Germany’s Struggle against Right Extremism

By George Kibala-Bauer. Originally published on 2012/11/27 Germany has taken the long road on its way to becoming the progressive force that it is today. Their recent election to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations underlines the level… Continue Reading →

Will Scotland break away from the Union with England in 2014?

Originally published on 2012/10/25 Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party, and First Minister of Scotland has often promised that Scots would get the chance to vote for an independent Scotland outside the Union with England. Some claim that… Continue Reading →

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