Journalism Under Attack

Written by Elodie Arpa Journalism is an integral part of our society’s democracy. In the last years, digitalisation and the use of the Internet have enabled more and more people to inform others independently and bring more transparency into their governmental… Continue Reading →

(Seven reasons) why the EU’s leaders are justified in playing hardball with Britain over Brexit.

Although a decent deal on Brexit is in the interests of both, Britain deserves a run for its money in the forthcoming negotiations. Reasons for this may not be immediately obvious to the British observers, nor to the many in… Continue Reading →

The demeaning way in which newspapers portray violence against women

By Carlota Núñez Strutt, trainee in the European Parliament. “The medium is the message” Marshall McLuhan. The explicit portrayal of a rape case in San Fermín (Spanish festivity) by the principal Spanish media this week does not empower the victim…. Continue Reading →

The EST is hiring: call for Web and Media Manager

The time is now! THE EST IS HIRING. We are looking for a Web and Media manager who will join us in building up network opportunities, publishing and writing poignant and interesting articles about Europe and the world, and assisting… Continue Reading →

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