Will the EU stand with CEU?- Dilemma between Pragmatism and Values

Nowadays, when pondering the fate of the EU, one of the questions that arises is whether the EU is to continue fighting for the values it is founded on, or whether it is to focus more on pragmatic behaviour, due… Continue Reading →

(Seven reasons) why the EU’s leaders are justified in playing hardball with Britain over Brexit.

Although a decent deal on Brexit is in the interests of both, Britain deserves a run for its money in the forthcoming negotiations. Reasons for this may not be immediately obvious to the British observers, nor to the many in… Continue Reading →

Lowering the Minimum Age for Voting: Good or Bad Idea?

In this term Spain’s Parliament refused to give to those who are under 18 the right to vote. Concretely, this proposition, which was redacted by Esquerra Republicana (left wing of the Catalonian independents), was rejected by the votes of Popular Party (PP)… Continue Reading →

Momentum – The past and future of a movement

  In the past few weeks the Momentum political movement has risen from its unborn ashes to resist against the establishment’s idea of social prosperity: The 2024 Olympic Games. Within a few weeks they collected over 266 thousand (counting is… Continue Reading →

Brexit may be our last chance to achieve a two-speed Europe

Gordon Brown expressed a memorable idea during the referendum. He claimed that the E.U. should be   “A United Europe of States, not a United States of Europe.” Britain could champion a looser arrangement of states on Europe’s ‘Outer’ periphery: The European Outer Area (EOA). This… Continue Reading →

For Bilingualism! – Kaksikielisyyden puolesta! – För tvåspråkigheten!

For hundreds of years until the early 19th century, Finland was a part of the Kingdom of Sweden. As a result, Swedish culture had a strong influence over Finland. First Catholicism and then Protestantism, numerous innovations and customs, and a… Continue Reading →

By our English Ambassador: ‘Are we the bad guys?’

  We in the UK see ourselves as world leaders and as a benevolent force in the world: a member of the G7, G20 and much more, with ‘special relationships’ between us and many other countries, financially successful but also… Continue Reading →

Closing the Democratic Deficit with a Leap into the World of Social Media

By Frederick van Mierlo. Originally published on 2013/02/06 Euro-sceptics and federalists alike readily put the words ‘democratic deficit’ and the EU together. Whilst the former conclude that exit is best, the latter that ever-closer union is the way forward. Within… Continue Reading →

Digitalization of Democracy: is the EU falling behind?

By Teodor Kalpakchiev. Originally published on 2013/02/20 The recognition of the role of Internet and digital technologies can easily be judged by the self-criticism in the latest Digital Agenda for Europe communication . With the presence of 50 million wireless… Continue Reading →

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