Westernization in Africa: Another Perspective

Written by Denise Quek Zhi XIng In his article “Africa has been failed by westernisation. It must cast off its subservience”, author Chigozie Obioma touches on the issue of how westernisation has to a great extent affected Africa negatively. He… Continue Reading →

Free Trade Agreements – A brief history

By Sebastian Keil. Sebastian will begin a program in International Studies at the University of Leiden in September. Free trade is a term that appeals to the human mind because it creates the image of a flourishing economy. (1) Trade… Continue Reading →

The Dark side of International Law

By Caitlin Biddolph, Australian student of International Relations and Conflict Studies. International law, when observed through a post-colonial lens, is a manifestation of the imperialist ventures of the Western world, which continues to be reflected in contemporary international relations. The… Continue Reading →

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