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Journalism Under Attack

Written by Elodie Arpa Journalism is an integral part of our society’s democracy. In the last years, digitalisation and the use of the Internet have enabled more and more people to inform others independently and bring more transparency into their governmental… Continue Reading →

The Arts, Human Rights and the Legal Dimension

What is the extent of our artistic freedom and how is our right in expressing our views through art forms protected and stimulated in the EU? How can we stimulate the artistic and cultural expression of children specifically through education?… Continue Reading →

An Event at the European Parliament: Refugee integration in Brussels

As part of my traineeship at the European Parliament, I was afforded the opportunity to organise a panel event on refugee integration with the support of the Schuman Traineeship Committee. In the last few years, Europe has become a home… Continue Reading →

Minorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    The Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina recognises Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs as constitutive peoples along with “Others”. Those who identify themselves as others are ineligible to become members of the Presidency or the upper house of the Parliamentary… Continue Reading →

Unrest in Ethiopia: has time arrived to stop sweeping human rights issues under the rug?

Vittorio Capici is in his final year of the Bachelor in European Studies at Maastricht University. As part of the program he is currently undertaking a 5 month internship at the EU Delegation to Ethiopia, to better understand how the… Continue Reading →

Analysis of the Right to Self-determination in Contemporary International Law

By Julian Lagus, Student in  International and European Law at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands, on exchange at the University of Edinburgh,  EST Ambassador to Scotland. Feel free to contact Julian at scotland.est@gmail.com. The right to self-determination is generally perceived as… Continue Reading →

Tory plans to “reform” human rights law: Britain’s neglected responsibility in Europe?

Sara Bundtzen is studying European Studies at the University of Southern Denmark. She is currently interning with the Committee on EU Affairs in the German Bundestag. She has previously been involved with Amnesty International and Anti-Corruption International, and is also… Continue Reading →

Life goes on beyond Nice and Ankara

By Pablo Rubio Navarro. Pablo is a journalist for El Internacionalista newspaper and student of International Relations and Journalism in the Rey Juan Carlos University. Life goes on beyond Nice and Ankara. The Parliament of Israel approved a new law… Continue Reading →

EST Working Group Research Report – Irregular Migration and Human Rights

The European Student Think Tank is proud to present the first research report by one of its own working groups. The EST employs a small team of young academics that do research on one particular topic regarding the European Union.  The… Continue Reading →

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