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Money for Nothing in France

By Henri Erti. Originally published on 2013/04/20 Liberté, égalité, fraternité. The famous motto to presumably epitomize the correct model and stage of societal and economic development. Admittedly, a great portion of the Western world owes their success and progress to this powerful ideology…. Continue Reading →

French medicine: somebody please find a doctor! (part 2/2)

By Jules Morel. Originally published on 2013/01/20 Mutuals (les mutuelles santé) What was the government’s incentive in raising such hostility towards the French liberal doctors? Why such reform? The answer is fairly simple: money, and drawing the public’s attention away… Continue Reading →

François Hollande – Captain of our Fate? (Part II)

By Jan-Willem Prügel. Originally published on 2012/05/09 Today the new president of France was sworn in. Who is the new president of France, and what will his rule mean for Europe. The Agenda – International Politics and the Franco-German Axis Less… Continue Reading →

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