“Golden Dawn” for a far-right coalition?

by Yana Prokofyeva. Originally published on 2014/01/06 On 18th November representatives of several European nationalist parties – the French National Front (FN, Front National), Italian Northern League (Lega Nord), Belgian Flemish interest (VB, Vlaams Belang), Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV,… Continue Reading →

Greek Golden Dawn member kills leftist hip – hop artist Pavlos Fyssas in Athens – the rise of extremism in Europe?

by Lamprini Basdeki. Originally published on 2013/09/29 With the  murder of a leftist hip-hop artist by an extremist party member only a few days ago, Europe finds itself on alert: the rise of extremist groups in the European states as… Continue Reading →

From Concussions to Chronic Headaches: What an Islamist-controlled North Africa means for the United States and the West

By Alex Moon. Originally published on 2013/02/02 As outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the 23rd of January, the country is reminded of a sobering truth: the chaos in North Africa spells bad… Continue Reading →

‘Tode dem Faschismus’: Germany’s Struggle against Right Extremism

By George Kibala-Bauer. Originally published on 2012/11/27 Germany has taken the long road on its way to becoming the progressive force that it is today. Their recent election to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations underlines the level… Continue Reading →

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