The Covid19 pandemic responses: credit swaps and global fiscal cooperation.

Written by Luca Pagani The Covid-19 advent started threatening the global economy massively in the first half of 2020, as countries, from East to West, announced strict lockdown measures. The beginning of this crisis reminded what the world experienced not… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus quarantine to the environmental rescue

Written by Nicholas Argyros the EST Ambassador to Greece The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic started this decade in the most peculiar way possible and it is already one of the millennial highlights. The outcome of this medical war cannot be predicted… Continue Reading →

Back to the Future: Does the EU need to boost Prospective Analysis?

Written by Arturo Marqués “It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see” Winston Churchill [1] One of the great defects of democracy is short-termism. In the frenetic daily life of European policymakers,… Continue Reading →

#Poivorrei – COVID, Schengen and my wishes for the Future (and Present) of Europe

Written by Avilia Zavarella In the last few days, a new phrase appeared on Italian social media pages: “poi vorrei” – “after, I would like…”  It is a phrase of hope, hinting at the post-COVID emergency, which opens up a world… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus and the dark side of staying home

Written by Meletis Rentoumis The pandemic crisis we are all facing globally because of the coronavirus disease, has changed a lot the aspect of our life, the perspectives, and everything that has to do with preparedness and planning which seems… Continue Reading →

COVID-19: An Unfriendly Reminder That Self-Regulation Will Not Save the Climate

Written by Gregor Fisher Crises can warrant the limitation of individual freedoms for the sake of common goods and conflicting individual rights. In fact, States have the responsibility to protect persons under their jurisdiction. To stop COVID-19 from spreading freely,… Continue Reading →

The numbers problem – post-mortem of COVID-19

Written by Alexis Gkantiragas Covid-19 is the largest pandemic since the spanish flu, with over 3 million cases and over 200 thousand deaths at the time of writing (1). That is, according to reported figures. In reality, testing is scarce… Continue Reading →

EST Briefing on Corona Autocracy in Hungary

Written by Markus Pollak & John Smith (Working Group on Security and Defense) Corona Autocracy in Hungary On March 30th, amidst the first weeks of the European COVID-19 crisis, Hungary may have taken a decisive step closer to becoming the EU’s… Continue Reading →

A global pandemic and other ways to test the European Union’s resilience

Written by Beatriz CÓZAR MURILLO Much has been said about the European Union since the COVID-19 virus broke out in the world, in Europe, and the lives of most citizens. Many isolated countries, substantial economic losses, loss of confidence in… Continue Reading →

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