Westernization in Africa: Another Perspective

Written by Denise Quek Zhi XIng In his article “Africa has been failed by westernisation. It must cast off its subservience”, author Chigozie Obioma touches on the issue of how westernisation has to a great extent affected Africa negatively. He… Continue Reading →

Unrest in Ethiopia: has time arrived to stop sweeping human rights issues under the rug?

Vittorio Capici is in his final year of the Bachelor in European Studies at Maastricht University. As part of the program he is currently undertaking a 5 month internship at the EU Delegation to Ethiopia, to better understand how the… Continue Reading →

EST Working Group Research Report – Irregular Migration and Human Rights

The European Student Think Tank is proud to present the first research report by one of its own working groups. The EST employs a small team of young academics that do research on one particular topic regarding the European Union.  The… Continue Reading →

The EU in the Sahel – Towards a More Dynamic Strategy

by Mieke Molthof. Originally published on 2014/03/20 In recent years, the Sahel region has become an increasingly important part of Europe’s neighbourhood. The region’s economic underdevelopment and insecurity directly threaten EU interests – not only through drug trafficking, illegal migration,… Continue Reading →

Lampedusa Calls for Action

by Olga Papadopoulou. Originally published on 2014/02/21 “La vita e’ un diritto di tutti #Lampedusa”. “Everyone has a right to life #Lampedusa” That was what football players of Inter and Roma wore on their t-shirts in their pre-match warm-up, in order… Continue Reading →

UK and France must take the wheel on Africa’s Security

By Mathieu Paul Dumont. Originally published on 2013/03/17 With the US moving military resources to the Asia-Pacific region, what organization will maintain the  stability and security in North and North Central Africa? The US has been downgrading its participation in… Continue Reading →

From Concussions to Chronic Headaches: What an Islamist-controlled North Africa means for the United States and the West

By Alex Moon. Originally published on 2013/02/02 As outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the 23rd of January, the country is reminded of a sobering truth: the chaos in North Africa spells bad… Continue Reading →

Immigration: a growing problem?

By Aleksander Thomas. Originally published on 2012/10/13 Due to the influx of North African migrants into the southern countries of the European Union – chiefly through Italy, the EU has allowed countries within the Schengen area to reintroduce national border… Continue Reading →

The political consequences of the Euro-zone crisis for Africa

Originally published on 2012/02/06 A typ­ic­ally over­looked con­sequence of the EU’s fall from global grace due to its fin­an­cial crisis is the debate it has pre­cip­it­ated at the highest polit­ical levels of East Africa. Since its most recent incep­tion in 1996,… Continue Reading →

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