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The International Office of the European Student Think Tank is the body with representation from ambassadors in EU member states. The International Office oversees our team of Ambassadors. The EST Ambas­sad­ors are the link between the EST and the EU’s mem­ber states and offi­cial can­did­ate mem­ber states. They rep­res­ent the EST, pro­mote and organ­ize events loc­ally, write blogs about their country and make sure our net­work is as big as pos­sible.

To contact our International Office, please send an email to: international.officer@esthinktank.com

Equal Opportunities:

The EST Board has an equal policy representation for Ambassadors, with 50% women and 50% men in our International Office. The EST Board of 2016 has committed to the progressive implementation of equality quotas in our organization beginning September 5th 2016, and committing to achieve a 50/50 representation by the first day of 2017.

Clara Pastor


Clara has just finished her third year of International Relations at Ramon Llull University (Barcelona). She considers herself a curious person, with the ambition to be always learning new things and improving herself. She loves speaking different languages: for that reason, she started time ago to learn Arabic and she is looking forward to continuing developing her language skills over time.

She has attended different courses related to International Cooperation and Peace Construction, Global Politics and Diplomacy. She uses to write articles about certain issues such as women’s rights, migrants’ rights, and conflict resolution, among others. She is very passionate about fighting for social injustices and enjoys a lot of helping for social causes. During her life, she has devoted a lot of time to be a social helper. She has done international cooperation tasks in Spain and Latin America. Soon, she’s moving to make her internship period to Brussels where she will devote a great time working on Catalan and pro European issues related to politics and investment in the Union.

During her role as EST Ambassador, she has lead and organize conferences in Barcelona in which the main topic discussed was the important role of youth in Europe. She has also carried out an interesting analysis of youth perceptions regarding employment in the EU. As regards her role as EST International Officer, she looks forward to working hard on the engagement among ambassadors, as she believes a strong communication between them will contribute fruitfully to a rich exchange of ideas and delightful debates. Moreover, she considers that is essential to establish a multi-dimensional perspective when analyzing different issues and contemplate other alternatives. Last but not least, she is willing to make a great effort so that the youth knows and takes advantage of the opportunities that are offered to them.

Marina Navarro


Background: Marina graduated in Economics at the University of Sevilla, Spain. During her undergraduate studies she has been able to focus on European studies following different courses in Spain and abroad, spending one year of her program in KU Leuven (Belgium). She has also been teaching “Economy of the European Union” to foreign students in her city and has done researches on EU Development and Cooperation policies as part of a research collaboration scholarship at her university. From September, she will be pursuing a Master on Public Policy and Development in Toulouse, France.

Passion: Marina is very enthusiastic about discovering new cultures and sharing experiences. On this behalf, she usually participates in international events, MUNs and she has taken part in international volunteering projects. She is particularly interested in discussing any international new, idea or opinion during a cozy meeting. 

Motivation: The international context has been one of Marina’s motivations since the beginning of her educational background, she strongly believes that the EU youth has much to say, forgetting about borders. After spending one year as EST Ambassador, she is certain about how much can be done unifying everyone’s efforts.

Goals: Marina is looking forward to bringing EST even further, she aims to increase the awareness of a need to be united in diversity and expand her EU-enthusiasm. Marina is eager to motivate the youth to expand their interest in the European Union’s policy as well as encouraging the process of sharing opinions and experiences in order to find a more open-minded and concerned society.


Highlights from Our Ambassadors:

In 2016, Austrian Ambassador to the EST Johannes Tropper organized a delegation visit to the OPEC and the UN. The Dutch Ambassador to the EST Hester Mennes lead a policy working group on the European migrant crisis with the collaboration of Job Cohen, former mayor of Amsterdam, and Professor Hein de Haas, former co-director of Oxford’s International Migration Institute. Irish Ambassador to the EST Jason Deegan, and President of the INGO Anti Corruption International, coordinated and invited the European Student Think Tank to Participate on Anti Corruption International’s “Clean Vote” project founded in Oslo, Norway. The project campaigns for voting transparency and clean elections, through the monitoring of electoral corruption.

For any ques­tions or com­ments please send an email to international.officer@esthinktank.com.


What Becoming an Ambassador to the EST has meant:

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“Being an EST Ambassador was a unique experience. It was a perfect chance to engage in an international discussion about the most vital issues in the current international affairs. Being heard and let others to be heard allows to shape the reality, which is one of the greatest values”. – Kinga Jaromin – former Polish Ambassador to the EST


“The best part of being an Ambassador for the EST is knowing that you are always backed by a group of students that are as interested as you in making Europe a better place for everyone”. – Daniel Rubio Sanchez – former Spanish Ambassador to the EST