Would you like to publish your academic articles, blogs, opinion articles and policy papers in the EST? Do you want to reach an audience all across Europe, and share your work with European professionals, other students and policy makers?

Send your pieces to our Editor-in-Chief and acquire first-hand exper­i­ence working in an inter­na­tional think tank:

The European Student Think Tank is look­ing for enthusiastic students to contribute to our blog. The EST is concerned with European affairs, such as European integration, EU policy, European security, international migration, European identity and related topics. However, as long as your interests are aligned with the aim of the EST you can propose any topic you wish. You will become a freelance writer and the frequency of your contributions will be up to you and your schedule. It is also possible to submit a single article or paper for consideration or to discuss a publication based on your thesis.

Becoming a part of the EST’s Editorial Team will allow you to:

  • Acquire first-hand exper­i­ence with work­ing in an inter­na­tional think tank;
  • Be part of a young and dynamic NGO;
  • Be involved in the European policy-making process;
  • Enter into and expand a net­work of like-minded peers;
  • Improve your writing, editing and language skills by work­ing with a skilled team;
  • Expand your CV.

If you are inter­ested in becom­ing a writer please send an email to editorinchief@esthinktank.com in which you intro­duce your­self, together with a blog or an art­icle that you would like to see pub­lished on the EST website and the Facebook page. We will con­tact you as soon as possible to inform you about our decision.