Westernization in Africa: Another Perspective

Written by Denise Quek Zhi XIng In his article “Africa has been failed by westernisation. It must cast off its subservience”, author Chigozie Obioma touches on the issue of how westernisation has to a great extent affected Africa negatively. He… Continue Reading →

Interview with UNHCR South Sudan spokesperson Eujin Byun

By Carlota Núñez Strutt. There is little knowledge or a European collective conscience of the conflict torn country that 1,5 million refugees have fled from, in North Eastern Africa: South Sudan. A country that, alongside Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, is… Continue Reading →

Unrest in Ethiopia: has time arrived to stop sweeping human rights issues under the rug?

Vittorio Capici is in his final year of the Bachelor in European Studies at Maastricht University. As part of the program he is currently undertaking a 5 month internship at the EU Delegation to Ethiopia, to better understand how the… Continue Reading →

Analysis of the Right to Self-determination in Contemporary International Law

By Julian Lagus, Student in  International and European Law at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands, on exchange at the University of Edinburgh,  EST Ambassador to Scotland. Feel free to contact Julian at The right to self-determination is generally perceived as… Continue Reading →

Free Trade Agreements – Three Perspectives

By Sebastian Keil. Sebastian will begin a program in International Studies at the University of Leiden in September. The latest leaks by Greenpeace have put TTIP, the planned free trade agreement between the US and EU, into the focus of… Continue Reading →

EST newsletter: Bare Bones

Dear EST-ers, Another semester has gone by and we are slowly drawing towards the beautiful European summer time. Despite spring being in the air, many more sombre events have taken place in these last months ranging from the Brussels’ Attack… Continue Reading →

Could EU-import restrictions for environmental purposes be legal under international law?

By EST Ambassador Johannes Tropper. The relationship between trade and environment has always been fairly contentious. Preserving the environment and mitigating climate change while guaranteeing free trade seem to be incompatible goals. While some countries wish to limit the production,… Continue Reading →

‘Better together?’: Why the EU should understand ‘Brexit’ as a virtue, not a vice

By Johannes Tropper, EST Ambassador to Austria.  Prime Minister of the UK and head of the Conservative Party David Cameron promised the British electorate to hold a referendum on British membership in the EU. Months of negotiations concluded with a… Continue Reading →

The European Union: a Powerful Influencer or an Over-Ambitious Meddler?

By Sietse Blom, Secretary of the EST Think Tank. Sietse is following an internship at Cordaid in The Hague this year, after graduating with a BA in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. After the collapse of the communist bloc… Continue Reading →

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