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Deadline: 28 September, 2019

Space is a field of intense research and exploration. At the same time Space is a highly diverse field. Throughout the last decades astrophysicists, engineers, doctors and biomedical researchers, lawyers and economists have worked together expanding the borders of our knowledge both in Space and Earth. Politics play also an important role in Space by supporting and dictating the scope of state and international Space Agencies. In the recent years commercial schemes have also appeared stressing the need of policymaking to regulate their activity.

Europe has a noteworthy stance as far as Space is concerned. The European Space Agency receives 5e billion funding, operates as a coalition of member states holding important centers and offices all over the EU, and supports the function of the International Space Station in cooperation with NASA and ROSCOSMOS.

The World Space Week (4 – 10 October) marks the worldwide interest in Space. On this occasion, the European Student Think Tank welcomes articles investigating any aspect of the overlap between the EU and Space Research and Exploration.


Suggested topics include:

  • The stance of EU institutions towards Space Research and Exploration
  • The benefits and drawbacks of Space Research and Exploration in the EU region
  • The role and the activity of the European Space Agency and other relevant institutions
  • Space Research in any field conducted in the EU region
  • Opportunities for EU students and young professionals in Space Research and Exploration
  • EU Academia and Industry initiatives related to Space
  • Any other relevant topic

Suggested length of contributions: 500 to 1500 words.

If we have sparked your interest, please send your article to this email  before the 28 September 2019.

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