The EST’s Board is run by a team of ambitious and visionary students and young professionals of International Affairs.

President – Stefan Pfalzer

Paris, France

BackgroundStefan studies International Security in a Dual Master’s between Sciences Po Paris and London School of Economics, after obtaining his bachelor’s in Politics from the University of Vienna. Previously, he has worked at the UN in New York, the EU in Brussels and Vienna as well as in think tanks and NGOs in Vienna, Tunis and Rabat. 

MotivationStefan started to contribute to the EST by writing articles. He later joined the EST’s EU Foreign Policy Research Group. In 2017, he became EST Ambassador to Austria and tried to create a platform for students to meet, exchange and get insights into the EU institutions. Last year, he coordinated the network of EST Ambassadors in his role as International Officer.

GoalsThrough his commitment to the EST, he hopes to contribute his own small part to European integration and focus on what unites us rather than what divides us.

Secretary & Vice President – Nieves Delgado

Madrid, Spain

Background: Nieves is a 5th year Law and International Relations student in IE University, Madrid, Spain.  This will be her second term as Vice President and Secretary of the EST, which she is very excited about. Nieves is also a leading member in her University’s Law Society.

Motivation: Nieves is a passionate European integrationist that loves to engage in civilized discussion about European and worldly affairs every chance she gets! She is particularly interested in EU technology-related legislation and would like to open up EU enthusiasm to people in STEM-related disciplines as well.  Other interests include music, reading classics and experiencing different cultures through traveling, food and its people.

Goals: Nieves wants to further spread her EU-enthusiasm as much as possible to the European youth, which she considers to be key to create a united Europe.

Treasurer – Erdal Fere

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Background: Originally from Helsinki, Finland, Erdal has studied abroad in the United States and spent a year in the Finnish Navy. He is currently in his second year studying in the interdisciplinary PPLE (Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics) course at the University of Amsterdam, majoring in Law for the next two years. 

Motivation: The ability to work in an international setting while organizing events, excites Erdal to further help connect people from different backgrounds. Moreover, he wishes to improve the spread of EST’s influence, reaching new members such as those in Nordic or Eastern European countries. Previously, he has worked as a treasurer at his university and therefore is enthusiastic for this chance to take his interests and EST to the next level. 

Goals: Erdal is highly motivated to make sure EST is financially stable and runs smoothly this board year. Utilizing EST’s international student platform, he hopes to further promote the development of climate change solutions. 

International Officer – Marina Navarro

Toulouse, France

BackgroundMarina graduated in Economics at the University of Sevilla, Spain. Although she is currently pursuing a Master on Public Policy and Development in Toulouse, she has also been studying in KU Leuven and Ireland. She has been able to deepen her knowledge in EU Affairs while teaching “Economy of the European Union” in her city and through a research project on EU Development and Cooperation policy.

MotivationThe international context has been one of Marina’s motivations since the beginning of her educational background, she strongly believes that the EU youth has much to say, forgetting about borders. After spending one year as EST Ambassador, when she was able to engage the youth in EP simulations, workshops and conferences, she is certain about how much can be done unifying everyone’s efforts.

GoalsMarina is eager to motivate the youth to expand their interest on the European Union’s policy as well as encouraging the process of sharing opinions and experiences in order to find a more open-minded and concerned society.

Editors-in-Chief – Christos Tsagkaris & Loyle Campbell

Christos Tsagkaris

Heraklion, Greece

Background: Christos Tsagkaris is studying Medicine at the University of Crete (Heraklion, Greece). He is affiliated to the Association of European Cancel Leagues (ECL) as a Youth Ambassador for Greece and he currently serves as Editor in Chief in NovelMeds, a health science magazine focusing on Sustainable Health. He has participated in several scientific conferences and events as an organizer, ambassador or presenter. He is also involved in several EU focused students associations including the Bringing Europeans Together Association – Greece and the Students Association for International Affairs. He has a keen interest in Space Medicine and Medical Humanities.

Motivation: Christos has previously served in the EST as author and reviewer. The attitude, the vision and the outreach of the EST have motivated him to engage more actively during the current term.

Goals: As one of the two EST Editors in Chief, Christos hopes to contribute in bridging the gap between science and technology students and Brussels. Getting more students from underrepresented disciplines in EU affairs involved in scientific journalism, exploring the European aspects of cutting edge science and technology advances and experimenting with new ways of communication are his main goals.

Loyle Campbell

Brussels, Belgium

BackgroundLoyle is from Canada and a current Honours student studying a Bachelor of Social and Political Sciences at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium, where he has also been elected to student government and co-directed a Model United Nations association. Since arriving in Belgium he has participated in, been awarded at, and chaired multiple MUN and MEU conferences, where he has gained insight into a wide variety of current events and policy positions. Before moving to Europe he competed as an international athlete on a cheerleading team based out of Vancouver from 2011-2014. After which he worked in both the exploration and servicing sides of the Canadian energy sector for some of the largest contracting companies in Canada.

Motivation: He is passionate about how the EU is balancing its energy policy with its social policy as the bloc transitions towards their emission commitments. With a particular interest in the geopolitics of coal and natural gas surrounding the energy security of Eastern and Central Europe. Beyond that, he is quite interested in learning more about the EU’s other ranges of foreign policy in relation to climate and social change.

GoalsThrough the EST, Loyle hopes to contribute a non-EU perspective to important policy discussions occurring in Europe and he encourages students of any nationality studying in, or about Europe, with something to write about to contact the editorial team!

Director of Communication – Sofia Morch

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Background: Sofia is orginally from Denmark, Sweden and Germany, but was born and raised in Brussels. She then moved to Amsterdam and decided to start her bachelor in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), and continued a major in politics for her last two years. She has previously been part of multiple MUN’s and MEC’s (Model European Council) as well as an intern in the law firm Gibson Dunn & Crutcher. Additionally, she has improved her art skills by making multiple art auctions where the money was given to charity in Zambia and Indonesia.

Motivation: Sofia believes that one of the big challenges for our generation is the huge “connectivity gap” and that understanding how to communicate is crucial and one of the most important factor in order to bridge this gap. With all of that came a desire to be better informed, to educate herself and to understand the society and audience around her. Using her creative mind, keen interest in society and European Politics as well as communication skills, she hopes to streamline any and all communication with the EST as well as expanding its creative side.

GoalsAs the Directior of Communication, Sofia wants to bridge the lack of connection between EU instituions and students through the EST. She hopes that the EST will improve youth participation in politics as well as understanding of the EU as a whole. She wants to inspire people through the EU motto “United in diversity” and believe that we only can succeed if we respect our differences such as culture and religion and see it as a strength rather than a problem.

Campaign and Events Manager – Elodie Arpa

Vienna, Austria 

BackgroundAs a law student at the University of Economics in Vienna, Elodie is passionate about communicating the importance of European and International Co-operation as the only way to tackle global challenges. During her internships at the Austrian Foreign Ministry in New York and in the Banque de France in Paris she worked as a project-manager, organizing and coordinating large-scale events. Besides her studies Elodie is Young Multiplier of the European Commission and Special Representative for Representation and PR to the SAG’S MULTI multilingual speech competition, where she gets to raise her voice for causes that matter to her. 

MotivationAfter serving as the Ambassador to Austria of the European Student Think Tank, Elodie wants to take her engagement to a next level. In her new role as the EST Campaign Manager she wants to spread light on the ongoing youth protests and start a debate about Europe’s future. 

GoalsThrough Social Media Campaigning Elodie wants to make sure that discussions addressing Europe’s most urgent and important future issues have an impact on society. For Elodie Europe is nothing more than the sum of its citizens and by contributing to the EST she hopes to inspire people to get active themselves – following the thought of „Europe isn’t perfect. Let’s improve it, not destroy it!“ 


External Relations – Yasmin De Fraiture & Julia Blanken

Yasmin de Fraiture

Paris, France

Background: Yasmin is from the Netherlands and has previously undertaken a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in Politics at Leiden University. Currently, she is living in Paris and studying for her Master in International Security at Sciences Po Paris. Additionally, she has studied Art, History and Architecture in Paris, Rome, and Beijing. Yasmin likes to be active within student organizations and foundations, and she has experience organizing MUN conferences and workshops, creating partnerships, writing articles, representing fellow students and acquiring funds for foundations. At the moment, she is a Youth Group member for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban-Treaty Organization in Vienna and a Board Member for Women in Business at Sciences Po Paris.

Motivation: Yasmin hopes that increasing the funds of the European Student Think Tank will allow for more events and activities to be organized. Moreover, Yasmin would like to create need-based scholarships for students to attend those events, as it is important to her to offer all interested students equal access and reduce barriers they may face. 

Goals: Yasmin hopes that her efforts to increase funds will help unite more European students and contribute to a larger goal of European integration through youth participation.

Julia Blanken

Background: Julia is a third year Political Science: International Relations and Organisations student at Leiden University. Next to this, she is involved in the Honours programme at Leiden University in which she focuses on technology and sustainability. To bring the knowledge she learned during her studies into practice, Julia highly enjoys being active in different youth organizations that specialize in education, the European Union and the consequences of Brexit, and security and defense issues. In the past, she has been active in the working group of European Affairs for the National Youth Council in the Netherlands and recently she joined the West Wing, which is the youth think tank of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands.

Goals: With the position of external relations, Julia wants to increase the possibilities for informing students about the European Union with funds. In the current enhanced polarized political climate, she believes that informing our generation about the European Union is an important part of forming your own opinion about it and becoming aware of its value. 


The EST Logo was updated in December 2019 and designed by Mirjam Müller, a former EST Director of Communications 2018/2019.



Board 2019-20:

  • President – Stefan Pfalzer
  • Secretary – Nieves Delgado
  • Treasurer – Erdal Ferer
  • International Officer – Marina Navarro
  • Editor-in-Chiefs: Christos Tsagkaris & Loyle Campbell
  • Director of Communication – Sofia Morch
  • Campaign and Events Manager – Elodie Arpa
  • External Relations – Yasmin De Fraiture


Board 2018-19:

  • President – Aurélien Pommier
  • Secretary – Nieves Delgado
  • Treasurer – Chaima Nbigui
  • International Officer – Stefan Pfalzer
  • Editor-in-Chief – Tawanda Munyuki
  • Director of Communication – Mirjam Muller


Board 2017-18:

  • President – Angelique Truijens / Carlota Núñez Strutt
  • Secretary – Marlene Straub
  • Treasurer – Joris Heuker
  • International Officer – Aurélien Pommier
  • Editor-in-Chief – Cindy Langer
  • Director of Communication – Moïra Tourneur


Board 2016-17:

  • President – Carlota Núñez Strutt
  • Secretary – Jonne Kamphorst
  • Treasurer – Laurens Van der Sluijs
  • International Officer – Johannes Tropper
  • Editor-in-Chief – Tanith Lee
  • Events Manager – Cecilia Passaniti
  • Director of Communication – Jonas Fritz


Board 2015-16:

  • President – Kate Perdikis
  • Secretary – Sietse Blom
  • Treasurer – Swiss Juriens
  • International Officer – Rebecca Fobbe
  • Editor-in-Chief – Enrike van Wingerden
  • Events Manager – Tamira Vossen
  • Director of Communication – Carlota Núñez Strutt


Board 2014-15:

  • President – Marten Kooistra
  • Secretary – Rebecca Fobbe
  • Treasurer – Erik Merkus
  • International Officer – Etienne Verschuren
  • Editor-in-Chief – Dimitris M. Perdikoulis


Board 2013-14:

  • President – Remco Zwetsloot
  • Secretary – Rianne Keeler
  • Treasurer – Gina Plat / Leander van Splunter
  • International Officer – Samira Gonsalves
  • Editor-in-Chief – Katrien Volleman
  • Events Manager – Yanís Pelinski
  • PR Officer – Nicolas Castellon

Our Founders

The European Stu­dent Think Tank was foun­ded by three stu­dents linked to the Uni­ver­sity of Ams­ter­dam and the Ams­ter­dam Uni­ver­sity Col­lege in The Netherlands.

  • Eline Böt­ger
    President (2010-2012), Co-Founder
  • Sari Nijssen
    Secretary, Vice-President (2010-2012), Co-Founder
  • Char­lotte Baarda
    Treasurer, Vice-President (2010-2012), Co-Founder