The EST’s Board is run by a team of ambitious and visionary students and young professionals of International Affairs.

President – Aurélien Pommier

Bruges, Belgium

BackgroundAurélien studied a double honours degree in Law and Economics at the University of Lorraine in Nancy, France. During this undergraduate program, he spent a semester abroad at the University of Sheffield. After having spent his postgraduate program between the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, and the Strasbourg Institute of Political Studies, Aurélien will start his last year of studies at the College of Europe in Bruges to deepen his knowledge of European Union Law.

PassionAurélien is passionate about European integration and other EU member states and likes spending his free time traveling across Europe. More of a political animal rather than a party animal, he will never miss an all-night discussion on the future of Europe.

MotivationAurélien already served the EST for the past two years. He decided to take the lead in the youth organisation to bring it even further. With fresh ideas and an enthusiastic team, he envisions this coming year full of events, initiatives and of course interesting pieces of articles for the EST online platform.

GoalsThe 2019 European elections promises to be divided between progressives and anti-Europeans. Although different nuances are on both sides, Aurélien hopes that the first will prevail, whoever they are. He also hopes that this victory can be the trigger of a real European renewal. Also, Aurélien has taken a first step in the European Parliament with an internship with a French MEP, so he hopes to return after the next elections.

Secretary & Vice President – Nieves Delgado

Toronto, Canada / Madrid, Spain

Background: Nieves is a 4th year Law and International Relations student in IE University, Madrid, Spain.  She has experience working for think tanks, has previously undertaken the Secretary and Vice President position for the first University Rotaract club in Spain and is a leading member in her University’s Law Society.  At the moment, she is spending her exchange semester in Toronto, Canada.

PassionNieves is a passionate European integrationist that loves to engage in civilized discussion about European and worldly affairs every chance she gets! She is particularly interested in EU technology-related legislation and would like to open up EU enthusiasm to people in STEM-related disciplines as well.  Other interests include music, reading classics and experiencing different cultures through travelling, food and its people.

MotivationNieves wants to further spread her EU-enthusiasm as much as possible to the european youth, which she considers to be key to create a united Europe, especially in the light of the upcoming EU elections.

GoalsNieves hopes to see a very successful EU parliament election that sees the values of freedom, democracy and unity strengthened, but above everything, with high participation rates. 

Treasurer – Chaima Nbigui

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Background: Chaima is currently studying Cultural Heritage at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and she completed a minor Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Chaima took one year to study Arabic in the city of Tetouan in Morocco. Chaima co-founded the working-group EUrArt at the EST and she is currently working on an exhibition called “50 jaar migratie uit Marokko” (translation: 50 years migration from Morocco). EUrArt wants to diversify and include more voices and narratives in the European culture and art discourse. After attaining her bachelor’s degree she wants to pursue a Master’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Passion: Chaima is very passionate about the following topics: diversity, migration, (sub)cultures in Europe and decolonization. She is interested in everything that is related to heritage and/or the MENA region and their relations with the EU. On a more personal level, she loves to visit museums, art-galleries, interesting lectures about relevant subjects. If you have a comment and/or question about any of these topics feel free to send her a mail! 

Motivation: Chaima’s motivation for joining the EST is because she wants to get an even more diverse group of students involved with the EU/Brussels. She thinks the EST is doing great work on making people aware of what the European Union can mean for them and Chaima hopes to contribute to broadening the audience of the EST.

Goals: Chaima hopes to help diversify the EST in terms of content and in their audience. While in the EST she hopes to contribute and make people aware that there is ‘Unity in Diversity’.

International Officer – Stefan Pfalzer

Vienna, Austria

BackgroundStefan has a bachelor’s degree in Politics from the University of Vienna and is currently doing a year of practical experience before starting his master’s. He has previously interned with the European Commission Representation in Austria as well as think tanks and NGOs in Europe, North and East Africa.

PassionStefan’s interests vary from politics to literature and sports. He likes to go for long runs while listening to his favourite podcasts or meet with friends, walk, discuss and have a good laugh. Sports, learning something new every day and cultivating friendships help him unwind beside his uni and work routine.  

MotivationStefan started as a contributor to the EST by occasionally writing articles about topics he was passionate about. He then joined the EU Foreign Policy Research Group, a student research group launched under the aegis of the EST. In 2017, he became EST Ambassador to Austria and tried to create a platform for students in Austria to meet, exchange and get insights into international organisations and EU institutions.

GoalsAs an optimist, Stefan tries to retain hope even in the face of uncertainty, be it in the personal sphere, be it with respect to European affairs. By engaging in the EST, he hopes to contribute his own small part to European integration and focus on what unites us rather than what divides us.

Editor-in-Chief – Tawanda Munyuki

Wroclaw, Poland

BackgroundTawanda is a Masters student of International relations and Global studies at the University of Wroclaw, Poland. He is also the current president of UniWings a student organization at the University of Wroclaw. He graduated with an honors   in Media and Society studies from the Midlands State University, Zimbabwe during his undergraduate degree in 2010. He was a Managing editor for an aviation magazine, Welcome Aboard in Botswana which was his first entrepreneurial initiative from 2011 to 2012. He also worked as a Communication officer in South Africa from 2013 to 2017, where he enhanced editorial and management skills.

Passion: His passion is in exploring the role of the EU as a normative actor in the international political system. He is also interested in expanding his knowledge on the EU’s foreign policy, particularly on how EU member states are willing to limit their scope of sovereignty and competency sharing with the EU supranational institutions.  Apart from exploring the European political system, he is also passionate to learn and experience different European cultures.  

Motivation/GoalsAt EST, Tawanda is willing to empower European students through freedom of expression in any discipline of passion, i.e. politically, socially, culturally, economically, environmentally, technologically etc. If you have a certain topic that captures your attention and you would like to write about it, feel free to contact Tawanda anytime!

Director of Communication – Mirjam Müller

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Background: Mirjam is originally from Germany, but grew up mostly on the East Coast of the United States. After completing a degree in Visual Arts, she decided to move to Amsterdam and pursue her other interests. She is currently in her final year of her bachelor in Politics, Psychology, Law, and Economics (PPLE) at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, and plans to complete a master’s related to international law. Mirjam first started at the EST as an Editor, before joining the EUrArt Working Group as a Researcher. She has previously worked for various environmental organizations, as well as for Pandemic Magazine as Creative Director.

Passion: Mirjam is constantly striving to somehow combine her passions in art, writing, politics, and nature. This has led her to pursue projects related to journalism, environmentalism, and culture, while keeping free time for running, museum exploration, cooking, and travel.

Motivation: As the Director of Communication, Mirjam wants to improve the organization’s contact with the EU and students alike, so as to further bridge the gap! Using her experience in public relations and creative direction, she hopes to streamline any and all communication with the EST, while expanding its creative side.

Goals: Mirjam hopes that the EST will successfully contribute to youth participation in politics, while advocating for inclusivity, representation, and inspiration by the world community as a whole.

Campaign and Events Manager – Andri Stavrou

Brussels, Belgium

Background: Andri pursued a Master’s degree in Political Science at the Free University of Brussels and wrote her thesis on the impact of the Iraq war to the American Foreign Policy. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in French with Minor in European Studies and spent a semester abroad studying Translation and Interpretation at the University of Mons. She has previously interned with a Belgian political party, the Embassy of Cyprus in Brussels and its Permanent Representation to the EU.

Passion: Andri is passionate about International affairs and particularly interested in European External Relations and Security Policy. She has also a keen interest in political communication and strategy.

Motivation: Andri served as an Ambassador to Belgium last year and organised visits at the heartbeat of the EU (Brussels) in order to bridge the gap between youth and EU Institutions.

Goals: Ahead of European Parliamentary elections, Andri hopes that EST’s campaign will play a major role in mobilizing and encouraging young people to vote and realize that this is the moment to reshape Europe’s future. If you have started thinking of becoming an active member of EST’s network, do not hesitate to get in touch with Andri at to find out ways to join the campaign.


Board 2017-18:

  • President – Angelique Truijens / Carlota Núñez Strutt
  • Secretary – Marlene Straub
  • Treasurer – Joris Heuker
  • International Officer – Aurélien Pommier
  • Editor-in-Chief – Cindy Langer
  • Director of Communication – Moïra Tourneur


Board 2016-17:

  • President – Carlota Núñez Strutt
  • Secretary – Jonne Kamphorst
  • Treasurer – Laurens Van der Sluijs
  • International Officer – Johannes Tropper
  • Editor-in-Chief – Tanith Lee
  • Events Manager – Cecilia Passaniti
  • Director of Communication – Jonas Fritz


Board 2015-16:

  • President – Kate Perdikis
  • Secretary – Sietse Blom
  • Treasurer – Swiss Juriens
  • International Officer – Rebecca Fobbe
  • Editor-in-Chief – Enrike van Wingerden
  • Events Manager – Tamira Vossen
  • Director of Communication – Carlota Núñez Strutt


Board 2014-15:

  • President – Marten Kooistra
  • Secretary – Rebecca Fobbe
  • Treasurer – Erik Merkus
  • International Officer – Etienne Verschuren
  • Editor-in-Chief – Dimitris M. Perdikoulis


Board 2013-14:

  • President – Remco Zwetsloot
  • Secretary – Rianne Keeler
  • Treasurer – Gina Plat / Leander van Splunter
  • International Officer – Samira Gonsalves
  • Editor-in-Chief – Katrien Volleman
  • Events Manager – Yanís Pelinski
  • PR Officer – Nicolas Castellon

Our Founders

The European Stu­dent Think Tank was foun­ded by three stu­dents linked to the Uni­ver­sity of Ams­ter­dam and the Ams­ter­dam Uni­ver­sity Col­lege in The Netherlands.

  • Eline Böt­ger
    President (2010-2012), Co-Founder
  • Sari Nijssen
    Secretary, Vice-President (2010-2012), Co-Founder
  • Char­lotte Baarda
    Treasurer, Vice-President (2010-2012), Co-Founder