The con­tent of all EST art­icles pub­lished on this web­site are reviewed by our staff of editors. Our current Editor-in-Chief is Cindy Langer.


Editors-in-Chief – Christos Tsagkaris & Loyle Campbell

Christos Tsagkaris

Heraklion, Greece


Background: Christos Tsagkaris is studying Medicine at the University of Crete (Heraklion, Greece). He is affiliated to the Association of European Cancel Leagues (ECL) as a Youth Ambassador for Greece and he currently serves as Editor in Chief in NovelMeds, a health science magazine focusing on Sustainable Health. He has participated in several scientific conferences and events as an organizer, ambassador or presenter. He is also involved in several EU focused students associations including the Bringing Europeans Together Association – Greece and the Students Association for International Affairs. He has a keen interest in Space Medicine and Medical Humanities.

Motivation: Christos has previously served in the EST as author and reviewer. The attitude, the vision and the outreach of the EST have motivated him to engage more actively during the current term.

Goals: As one of the two EST Editors in Chief, Christos hopes to contribute in bridging the gap between science and technology students and Brussels. Getting more students from underrepresented disciplines in EU affairs involved in scientific journalism, exploring the European aspects of cutting edge science and technology advances and experimenting with new ways of communication are his main goals.

Loyle Campbell

Brussels, Belgium


BackgroundLoyle is from Canada and a current Honours student studying a Bachelor of Social and Political Sciences at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium, where he has also been elected to student government and co-directed a Model United Nations association. Since arriving in Belgium he has participated in, been awarded at, and chaired multiple MUN and MEU conferences, where he has gained insight into a wide variety of current events and policy positions. Before moving to Europe he competed as an international athlete on a cheerleading team based out of Vancouver from 2011-2014. After which he worked in both the exploration and servicing sides of the Canadian energy sector for some of the largest contracting companies in Canada.

Motivation: He is passionate about how the EU is balancing its energy policy with its social policy as the bloc transitions towards their emission commitments. With a particular interest in the geopolitics of coal and natural gas surrounding the energy security of Eastern and Central Europe. Beyond that, he is quite interested in learning more about the EU’s other ranges of foreign policy in relation to climate and social change.

GoalsThrough the EST, Loyle hopes to contribute a non-EU perspective to important policy discussions occurring in Europe and he encourages students of any nationality studying in, or about Europe, with something to write about to contact the editorial team!



Ángela holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Studies and a Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. She is a passionate language teacher who has worked at University of Glasgow and University of Arkansas among other positions. She is currently completing a program on Professional Edition while she continues to develop her training as a language specialist. 

She is especially interested in environmental issues, animal welfare, gender and social equality. She enjoys spreading information about said topics and raising awareness about them, trying to encourage young people to become more engaged.

Artem Kyzym is currently a student of Social Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. A graduate of QSI International School – Minsk, holding an Advanced Placement diploma with Honors. Currently, Artem works at Promote Ukraine (PU), a not-for-profit organization that represents the voice of the Ukrainian Civil Society in Brussels as well as facilitating closer cooperation between the European Union, its member states and Ukraine by organizing joint conferences, international events, publishing academic research, lobbying etc. Artem also has experience in working at AIESEC, the world’s largest Youth-led organization as well as having experience in participating in various Model NATO, MUN and GYMUN conferences.


Cas graduated with a master’s degree in European history and civilisation for which he studied at Leiden University, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, and the University of Oxford. Previously, he completed an extracurricular honours track and bachelor’s degree in history at Leiden University. During his studies he worked as an editor for the historical academic periodical Leidschrift and interned at the Netherlands embassy in Helsinki, Finland. Cas’ academic interests in international affairs and European foreign policy lie particularly at the interplay between Europe and the Islamic World.


Charlotte is a 20 year old law student from the University of Heideberg, Germany. She is currently studying in Strasbourg, France for two semesters to gain a deeper insight into comparative law and international law, to understand the political and cultural relationship between France and Germany and to witness the work of the EU institutions up close. When returning to Heidelberg, she wants to focus on international public law. Her academic interests lie in the powerplay between the U.S., China and Europe in the context of international organizations and multinational agreements.

She profits from a lifelong network of ASSIST alumni and enjoys keeping in touch with friends around the world, making it easy to spend time away travelling. 

Charlotte volunteers her free time to Youth Against AIDS, providing sex education to young people. At EST, she looks forward to providing young people with a deeper political understanding for current European affairs.


Eleftheria holds a Bachelor’s degree in International and European Studies from the University of Macedonia in Greece and an LL.M. in Public International Law from the University of Nottingham in the UK. She has always been fascinated by International and European Affairs, and her particular areas of interest are European policies, external affairs and diplomacy. She is fluent in Greek, English, Spanish and French.

During her Bachelor’s degree she participated in various MUN Conferences, and in 2015 she served as Secretary General of ThessISMUN. She has interned at the U.S. Consulate General in Thessaloniki, Public Diplomacy unit, and completed a traineeship at the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg, in the Liaison and Protocol Office of the Directorate of the Presidency. She is currently working as a Public Affairs and EU Funding Consultant in Brussels.


Hannah is a German-American student in political science and law at Sciences Po Paris. As a political activist and scholar, she is an intern at the Hudson Center for Political-Military Analysis; an International Fellow at the Caucasus Research Resource Center – Armenia; and president of the Simulation of the European Parliament. 

Hannah is passionate about the study and research of Eastern Europe, as well as of Human Rights, Democratic Transition and International Security. She is looking forward to contributing to European Student Think Tank’s platform of discussion and debate as editor and peer-reviewer, particularly in the fields of Security & Defense and Human Rights.


Kaitlyn is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Global Health Policy from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Kaitlyn lives in Paris and is originally from the United States where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Colorado. Prior to her master’s studies, Kaitlyn worked as a paramedic on an emergency ambulance for twelve years. It was in this career that Kaitlyn discovered how health policy can impact individuals. These experiences spurred her desire to address the challenges of providing healthcare to a global population. Her research interests include gender and healthcare, migrant health, international migrant policy, rhetoric in politics, and human rights in humanitarian settings.  Outside of academics, Kaitlyn enjoys learning French, spending time with her husband and dogs, travelling, cooking, and discovering new music.


Louis is a British undergraduate studying Modern Languages (Spanish and French) at New College, University of Oxford. Broadly, his academic interests focus on the history and politics of France and Latin America. Outside of his degree, he has worked as an intern at the European Parliament, completing some Brexit-related research for an MEP. He is also a committee member of the Oxford Society for International Development, where he is currently working on the Venezuela crisis. 

Louis particularly enjoys reading and writing about: EU-Latin American relations, Defence and Security policy, Brexit and Human Rights. 


Lucas is a second-year political science student at ULB. On campus, after spending the first year as a communication delegate, he is soon coming to term with his mandate as a board member and secretary of the ULB section of Amnesty International. Outside of ULB, he is also a product developer at CIVIX, a nonprofit organization aiming to reconnect youth & politics. Aside from these engagements, you might find him bartending in the centre of Brussels in the evening or hanging out with friends.

Lucas is interested in issues tackling the European Union in particular and hopes to go on to study a master in European affairs. But being able to address the EU’s most urgent issues implies a deepened knowledge of matters discussed in the EU today, thus his interests include many topics such as international affairs, energy management, political economy, human rights, democracy, to cite a few. He joined the EST to learn more about these among the Editorial Office as well as to gain new skills.


Luke is currently studying his bachelor’s degree at the University of Cambridge, where he studies English, though part of his degree also focusses on Russian, and he is spending much of his summer in Saint Petersburg aiming to develop his understanding of the language, politics and culture.

At university, he is involved in various homelessness charities and regularly volunteers to provide humanitarian aid to refugees in Calais, an experience which has shaped an interest in international responses to major cultural and humanitarian incidents. He enjoys the reciprocity of editing, which allows him to learn a great deal from motivated and passionate young people, as well as offering advice of his own.

Marta is an International Relations and Humanitarian Affairs student at Fordham University, in New York (USA). Currently, she is pursuing a certificate in International Affairs & Strategy at Sciences Po as part of her study abroad program. Back in New York, she is a staff writer at The Fordham Observer, where she writes on international affairs. Last fall, she interned at the editorial department of Foreign Affairs Magazine.

Academically, she is interested in the study of Russia-European Union relations and the geopolitics of Eurasia. She hopes to bring to the EST editor’s team a holistic approach to the EU’s challenges and to help young writers engage with their audience effectively.


Paulina Rios Maya is a Political Science student at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel where she is the student council’s coordinator of international affairs and founder of several student organizations. While studying she is also an intern at the World Customs Organisation where she works for the Anti-Corruption and Integrity Unit for Customs in order to help draft policy recommendations to Sub-saharan Africa and Asian countries. After graduating, she is interested in furthering her studies in International Security with a focus on crime prevention, drug enforcement, military strategy and other risk management issues. She hopes to bring to the EST editor’s team a critical apporach of every day decision making processes, and help writers to connect with their audience in a succesful way.


Raphael is a German student in his final year of bachelor in International Affairs at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Currently he is doing an internship at the American consulate in Munich. Beside spending a semester in Moscow, he interned at the German Bundestag and took part in several summer schools in relations to the European Union.

Raphael became fascinated with politics from an early age on and is politically active ever since. He joined the EST as an Editor because he was eager to work with young motivated students. He intends to challenge himself scientifically and hopes to get it touch with people who feel similarly passionate about the European Union as he does. Academically he is particularly interested in European integration theory, to adequately assess and evaluate possible future scenarios of the European Union and its member states.

Riccardo Testa is currently studying Law at LUMSA University in Rome. Taking part to the “Democracy – The simulation of the Italian Parliament” project, he has developed his policy-making, communication and teamwork skills. With the same people he has met at this event he started a project called “Europa per l’Italia” on a national scale and personally presented at a conference on 05/02/2019 at LUMSA University Theater Hall in Rome. This included spreading voting awareness for the elections of the European Parliament and illustrating the benefits brought by the EU to the Italian State on the Economic and Political level. Moreover, he has just received the “Expert in Forensic Sciences” after completing an annual Master programme. At the moment he is doing an internship as Publisher and Editor for the “Giovani nel Mondo” Association.


Yuan is a second-year political science honors student at the University of Amsterdam. She is a co-founder and director of an education-related NGO in China and also on the board of UNICEF Student Team Amsterdam. She has also been engaged in various community and international projects in different places such as Singapore, Kenya, Indonesia, and Amsterdam.

Yuan is passionate about topics revolving around educational policies, especially under global and conflict contexts. She has been presenting related papers at international conferences such as IAPSS, PSA Undergraduate Conference. Besides, She is also interested in peace-building, art and politics, Middle Eastern politics and Asian politics. 

She also loves art, music, and football.