The con­tent of all EST art­icles pub­lished on this web­site are reviewed by our staff of editors. Our current Editor-in-Chief is Cindy Langer.


Editors-in-Chief – Christos Tsagkaris & Loyle Campbell

Christos Tsagkaris

Heraklion, Greece


Background: Christos Tsagkaris is studying Medicine at the University of Crete (Heraklion, Greece). He is affiliated to the Association of European Cancel Leagues (ECL) as a Youth Ambassador for Greece and he currently serves as Editor in Chief in NovelMeds, a health science magazine focusing on Sustainable Health. He has participated in several scientific conferences and events as an organizer, ambassador or presenter. He is also involved in several EU focused students associations including the Bringing Europeans Together Association – Greece and the Students Association for International Affairs. He has a keen interest in Space Medicine and Medical Humanities.

Motivation: Christos has previously served in the EST as author and reviewer. The attitude, the vision and the outreach of the EST have motivated him to engage more actively during the current term.

Goals: As one of the two EST Editors in Chief, Christos hopes to contribute in bridging the gap between science and technology students and Brussels. Getting more students from underrepresented disciplines in EU affairs involved in scientific journalism, exploring the European aspects of cutting edge science and technology advances and experimenting with new ways of communication are his main goals.

Loyle Campbell

Brussels, Belgium


BackgroundLoyle is from Canada and a current Honours student studying a Bachelor of Social and Political Sciences at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium, where he has also been elected to student government and co-directed a Model United Nations association. Since arriving in Belgium he has participated in, been awarded at, and chaired multiple MUN and MEU conferences, where he has gained insight into a wide variety of current events and policy positions. Before moving to Europe he competed as an international athlete on a cheerleading team based out of Vancouver from 2011-2014. After which he worked in both the exploration and servicing sides of the Canadian energy sector for some of the largest contracting companies in Canada.

Motivation: He is passionate about how the EU is balancing its energy policy with its social policy as the bloc transitions towards their emission commitments. With a particular interest in the geopolitics of coal and natural gas surrounding the energy security of Eastern and Central Europe. Beyond that, he is quite interested in learning more about the EU’s other ranges of foreign policy in relation to climate and social change.

GoalsThrough the EST, Loyle hopes to contribute a non-EU perspective to important policy discussions occurring in Europe and he encourages students of any nationality studying in, or about Europe, with something to write about to contact the editorial team!



Adam graduated from the University of Southampton with a bachelor’s degree in German and History. Among other positions, he has worked as an analyst at a boutique consulting firm in London and is currently in Brussels as a Blue Book Trainee at the European Commission. In September he returns to London to pursue a Master’s degree in Politics and Security focussing on Russia at UCL. He hopes to continue contributing to the EST as a writer during this time. Adam is interested in foreign policy and international affairs, particularly relating to the EU’s European Neighbourhood Policy. He enjoys playing squash, outdoor activities, reading and travelling.


Alberto is an Italian student currently finishing a MSc in Political Economy of Europe at the London School of Economics. During his master’s degree he specialised in the analysis of the European Integration process and of the challenges associated with it. In particular he developed a strong interest in the study of the economics of the monetary integration.

After having experienced being a member of the open policy network of European students 1989 Generation Initiative, he understood the importance of an active participation to the life of the European Union.  Thus he decided to become an editor for the EST not only to expand his knowledge of European Affairs, thanks to the reading of papers written by students from all over Europe, but also to contribute to a better EU. In his opinion, the work of an international organization such as the EST is the best response possible to the spreading of strong internal contrasts across the Union.


Aleksandra has a master’s degree in International relations and European politics from Maastricht University. While pursuing her degree, she was also working as a research assistant in the field of regional policies and is a co-author of the “Interim Report on Updating the Regional Authority Index for 28 European Union Member States (2010-2016)”.

Aleksandra’s academic interests are mainly focused on the external relations of the European Union and its role as an international player. Furthermore, she has been part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria and was actively involved as an intern in conducting the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy. She considers academic research as a fundamental pillar in today’s global affairs. Later on in her career, she hopes to become part of an international think tank and to continue working on her personal and professional growth by pursuing a PhD degree.


Allison is a bachelor’s student at the University of Amsterdam, studying Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics with a specialization in Law. She has been an editor for the European Student Think Tank for a year, along with editing for an online student publication and the Human Rights Quarterly.

Allison is particularly interested in topics involving international security, migration, and how culture influences society.


Aron is currently concluding his bachelor in International and European Law at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the Netherlands. He grew up in a trilingual environment – German, Italian and Ladin – in South Tyrol, Italy, identifying himself as European.

In the academic year of 2016-17 he was a visiting student at the University of Edinburgh where he followed courses with focus on competition and internal market law, WTO law, international investment law, international civil and commercial litigation and taxation. He worked on the board of the Groningen Journal of International Law and is currently pursuing an internship at the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen.


Bo (Peter) is currently an undergraduate student pursuing a BA joint Honours in philosophy and political science, and a minor in economics at McGill University, Canada.

Bo chose these three interconnected fields and the European Student Think Tank for the same reasons: not only because we live in an age faced with unprecedented, turbulent changes, but also because having experienced and witnessed the choices people make in their personal life and public domains in various countries in Asia, Europe, and North America, he was attracted by the underlying philosophies that drive individuals’ particular choices within their unique socioeconomic environment. He hopes people from different nations can all live in a better world with mutual understanding.

Beyond classroom, Bo is passionate about delivering genuine impacts through social activism and entrepreneurship – particularly on the issue of animal welfare, where he constantly seeks opportunities so as to gain a greater insight upon animal treatments in the current socioeconomic context.


Caitlin is currently completing her Honours thesis in International Relations at the University of New South Wales, Australia. During her exchange program in Amsterdam, Caitlin was introduced to the EST and joined the editorial team soon after.

She is particularly passionate about humanitarianism, gender, and migration. As an editor at the EST, Caitlin hopes to share and learn from students who are passionate about European politics and global affairs.


Edmund obtained his master’s degree in Integrated communications from the City University of New York, City College. During his time at the program, he took classes in international relations theory and was actively involved in groups in the Collin Powell school. He eventually interned at the United Nations Secretariat in New York. As an avid reader, Edmund is very interested in great power politics and how institutions play a role as mediators in the balance of power.

Currently Edmund works as a market researcher and hopes to transition to a think-tank in the future. As an EST editor, he is interested in engaging in dialog about pressing issues in global affairs.


Eleftheria holds a Bachelor’s degree in International and European Studies from the University of Macedonia in Greece and an LL.M. in Public International Law from the University of Nottingham in the UK. She has always been fascinated by International and European Affairs, and her particular areas of interest are European policies, external affairs and diplomacy.

During her Bachelor’s degree she participated in various MUN Conferences, and in 2015 she served as Secretary General of ThessISMUN. She has been an intern of the U.S. Consulate General in Thessaloniki and, most recently, she completed a six-month traineeship at the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg.


Elettra is a recent graduate in International Relations from the School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London. She is currently undertaking an internship in London at the International Bar Association Human Rights Institute as a communications intern. Her hobbies include writing, politics and traveling. She has a particular passion for middle eastern politics and culture and has been studying Arabic for the past two years.

Next september, she is going to begin a masters in journalism, which is the career she has always envisioned for herself.



Jovana is part of the EST Editorial Office since September 2015. Having an academic background in international and European law, as well as terrorism and political violence, Jovana is currently working as a researcher and project coordinator for an NGO in her home country Macedonia, and is tasked with the oversight and executive implementation of projects predominantly related to countering violent extremism, human rights and national politics and EU integration. Her previous professional experience is predominantly in the system of international criminal tribunals in The Hague.

Jovana is an avid learner of foreign languages and besides her native Macedonian, speaks 7 other languages, and has “retired” from a prolific Model UN career after the completion of her education.


Raphael is a German student in his final year of bachelor in International Affairs at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Currently he is spending an exchange semester at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow as part of his undergraduate programme. Beyond that he interned at the German Bundestag and took part in several summer schools in relations to the European Union.

Raphael became fascinated with politics from an early age on and is politically active ever since. He joined the EST as an Editor because he was eager to work with young motivated students. He intends to challenge himself scientifically and hopes to get it touch with people who feel similarly passionate about the European Union as he does. Academically he is particularly interested in European integration theory, to adequately assess and evaluate possible future scenarios of the European Union and its member states.


Rieneke is a graduated European Professional at the start of her career path. In particular, she continues to specialise herself in contemporary European affairs and beyond. During her studies, Rieneke explored the diverse European canvas by academic and policy research, analysis and writing. She looked into the perspectives of Common Foreign and Security Policy (terrorism, human trafficking) and Enlargement Policy (accession, breakaway regions). Also, she had the opportunity to go abroad to the United Kingdom and Spain where she further developed her interests for modern foreign languages, and more specifically English, French and Spanish.


Valentine is currently obtaining his undergraduate in Politics, Psychology, Law, and Economics at the University of Amsterdam. Having grown up in the Netherlands as a British national of Hungarian heritage, he is a committed European and sees the EU as a crucial part of European solidarity.

His main interests include international relations, history, law, and the way these subjects influence and relate to one another. He has a history of campaigning and marketing for various environmental charities, both in the Netherlands and abroad, and views environmental law as one of the more pressing areas of development in international law. Being able to write about these topics in an international, dynamic team is why he applied to the European Student Think Tank, and continues to enjoy working in this environment. Furthermore he is deeply involved in university politics, with a particular focus on improving the affordability of university, and the quality of tutoring. His hobbies include reading, enjoying nature, and his passion for art.